Classic French Cheese Plate

To many people there is none such thing quite as satisfying and decadent as a French cheese plate. Here are some ideas to enjoy a luxurious course with rich flavors and classic French ingredients without the work of preparing French cuisine, which can be time-intensive and difficult to prepare. To enjoy the flavors of Paris, while staying out of the kitchen, why not serve a delicious cheese plate that can be prepared ahead of time? While the French eat their cheese after the main dish, Americans use cheese plates as an appetizer course, so do whatever suits you and your guests.


Plan on serving 1-2 ounces of cheese per guest, 1-1½ ounces if served as an after-dinner course.

Suggested Cheese

  • Etorki
  • St Albray
  • Roquefort
  • Goat Cheese
  • Brie
Serve cheese that range in spectrum from the bold Etorki, rich St Albray, and the classic blue Roquefort, to the tangy Goat Cheese, and creamy Brie. Crunchy nuts, apples, sweet pears, chutney, honey or pickled onions create a contrast to the smooth cheeses and are delicious additions.

Serving the Cheese Plate:

Arrange the cheese plate with plenty of room between the cheeses, so your guests don't get a finger or knuckle smudged when trying to serve themselves.

Offer a different cheese knife for each cheese so the flavors don't combine. Harder cheese will need a sharper cheese knife or cutting wire; a spreading knife for the soft cheese.

Serve crackers or baguette in a separate bowl or basket to not crowd the cheeses. When using crackers, plain is best such as water crackers. If serving with bread, sourdough or French baguette is best with the exception of breads with walnuts, dried fruit, or olives, which go great with cheese.

Serve cheese at room temperature. Take cheese out of fridge at least one hour before serving.

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